Meet Danielle Shortt!

Danielle D. Shortt, affectionately known as “Dani,” is a marketing aficionado, foodie & fitness motivator. Danielle is southern born (Atlanta, Georgia), Midwest raised Columbus, OH (the “Capital City”). Attending Wright State University, she studied Business Marketing & Management at the Rai Soin College of Business, where she served as President of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board. Danielle is an experienced business professional with expertise in social sharing, event planning & executing, retail manufacturing & marketing, and food services marketing. 

While she loves working in the restaurant industry as a marketing manager and helping people reach their health goals, her main love is Natural Girls Workout (NGW). Danielle is the founder of an organization she created to bridge the gap between natural hair and fitness. She loves to inspire women to be fit and healthy while educating about living a natural hair life. She learned quickly that NGW appeals a broader audience/interest, people who are “natural” in the sense of maintaining a natural diet/lifestyle.

Natural Girls Workout is known for fitness meet-ups and Naturalistas healthy hair-knowledge classes. NGW commitment to natural health and hair has made the organization a creator and host of “living a natural life” events such as Curls, Coffee & Conversations, Naturals Night Out, natural hair workshops, and hair product sampling. Danielle Shortt is new to the tri-state area and looking forward to bringing NGW events to the DMV area!