Meet Jenna Van Cleve!

Jenna is an Ironman All World Athlete and has been competing in triathlons since 2010. She qualified for The Boston Marathon in 2015. Jenna currently races on the Rehab United Elite triathlon team and races for the Team Nuun Elite team. Jenna is passionate about fitness, wellness, and healthy living, while also being AFAA certified. Jenna hopes that her goals as a competitive athlete will inspire her students and encourage them to pursue their own fitness goals.

About Ashley Lane Fitness:
Ashley Lane Fitness is a chic-boutique, health and fitness studio located in the heart of Hillcrest. The 2,500 square-foot space is open seven days a week and provides a variety of classes, all in one central location. Classes include group fitness, indoor cycling, combination classes and custom personal training – delivering a blend of toning, sculpting, endurance, stretching and balance with relaxation. Featuring energetic music, a high-end atmosphere and a superb team of fitness instructors, Ashley Lane Fitness is your home for health, fitness and a positive community.