Meet Mereditch Black!

Meredith is an avid lover of sports and fitness. She has played everything from basketball and soccer, to rugby and roller derby! She is always seeking out forms of exercise that are exciting and engaging, where everyone can walk away feeling invigorated. She is an avid outdoor cycler, pushing her limits to reach new mileage goals, but never forgetting to enjoy the view along the way.

Meredith is also passionate about health and wellness, and works as a Public Health Nurse in the schools and communities of Arlington County. Meredith works in public health because preventative care and wellness education drive healthier people and families, which contribute to a happier communities and a more sustainable healthcare system.

Meredith is constantly striving to reach new fitness goals, and continues to expand her experience in leading group exercise classes. She is a certified Mad Dogg spinning instructor, Les Mills Bodypump instructor, and Powersculpt (yoga with weights) instructor. She works at Zweet Sport Total Fitness studio in Alexandria, as well as The Energy Club in Shirlington.