Meet Robin Bashinsky!

Robin Bashinsky is a recipe tester and developer at Cooking Light, where he has worked since 2010.

Robin attended culinary school at San Francisco’s Tante Marie’s in the late 1990’s and spent a decade honing his skills in fine dining restaurants. Stops include Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse (Berkeley, CA) and Chris Hastings Hot and Hot Fish Club (Birmingham, AL).

A proud father of two children, he knows the perils and challenges of trying to produce healthy, diverse meals for the table on a nightly basis. All of which is not helped by a son whose pediatrician claims is the pickiest eater that she’s seen in 30+ years. His culinary interests focus mainly on assertive global flavors (especially Asian food), but he’s also a sucker for Chicken and Dumplings. He will cook and eat just about anything.

Robin is a native and resident of Birmingham, Alabama who has spent extended stints living in New England, Belgium, and California.